Article II, Section 1.3, subsection 1.3.2 of the Ohio District Constitution provides, “the Election Committee shall place a call for Candidates 60-90 days before the Annual Ohio District Leadership Roundup (but no later than June 15th of each year). This will be the Certification Period.”  Accordingly, the Standing Committee on Elections is issuing a call for candidates for the following offices:

Ohio District Director (2022-2023)

Ohio Assistant District Director (2022-2023)

Brothers, if you have aspirations to serve in the above outlined capacities, the candidate certification period is now open effective immediately and will close at the conclusion of the Ohio District Leadership RoundUp (Date TBA)To officially declare his candidacy and invoke the Certification Process, a candidate must complete and submit the online nomination/certification form to the Committee on Standing Elections before the close of this year’s Ohio District Leadership RoundUp (Date TBA).  Brothers may only apply using the online form below (no exceptions outside of documentation of how the prescribed method prohibits access or potentially excludes the affected Brother).

The Election Committee will review all candidate certification form submissions and will notify each candidate in writing as to whether he is certified to pursue the intended office.  Please note: the Candidate Certification Form does include a “Documentation Request” section that must be completed before you may submit the form.  Accordingly, please be advised that you will be required to upload a copy of the following documentation in order to complete the Candidate Certification Form:

  • Current Pass Card issued by the Gen. Office – Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • Proof of Current Voter Registration

Please also be advised that you have the option to save the form and continue / complete it later (once you have the above required documentation).  Upon receipt of official written notification, only certified candidates may begin campaigning effective immediately upon close of the Ohio District Leadership RoundUp (Date TBA) in accordance with Article II, Section 1.3, subsection 1.3.4 of the Ohio District Constitution.  The Campaign Period shall continue through the opening business session of the Ohio District Conference. During this (campaign) period, the Election Committee shall oversee the process of sending out cyber-campaign (i.e., e-mail) messages to the membership of the District. All additional guidelines, duties & requirements and other details are covered in the Candidate Certification Form.  Candidates are expected to comply with/adhere to all associated rules and procedures.

If you have questions about the Ohio District elections, please email the District Election CommitteeThe Ohio District Standing Committee on Elections will be available to assist all candidates through this process. As a reminder, all Candidate Certification Forms must be submitted by the conclusion of the Ohio District Leadership RoundUp (Date TBA).  In addition, campaigning for only certified candidates will commence at the conclusion of the Ohio District Leadership RoundUp (Date TBA) and will continue through the opening business session of the Ohio District Conference.

Good Luck to All Candidates!

See Candidate Certification Form below to get started!